Who is he and what is his experience?

Efrain is our fitness and health expert.

He loves to lead an active lifestyle. He is a proponent of staying healthy by doing what you love. For him, that’s playing a lot of sports and trying new martial arts. he’s taken classes including karate and taekwondo to learn the art of self-defense.

That aside, he also has a the most well-thought out home gym, with a round-up of equipment that rivals that of a professional gym. He hopes to help to people learn from his equipment-buying mistakes there… but also to get healthy, get fit, and live an active lifestyle.

Oh and he is also a proponent of being a non-jerk alpha male.

He lives in Southern California. When he is not writing for Boureston Media, you can find him… you guessed it, doing something active. He loves the beach¬†(especially beach volleyball), and relaxing with fishing.

Where has he been featured?

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[email protected]


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