Who is she and what is her experience?

Isla is our health, wellness, and mindfulness guru.

Yes, she does yoga daily. Yes, she practices clean, minimal, and green living. Yes, she mediates daily. And yes, she does go for long walks (not on the beach) daily.

…But no, she has not yet mastered inner-peace (although she  is working on it).

Isla leads an active lifestyle and so if she’s not meditating on her very own Zen garden, she’s out doing her routine neighborhood run. She helps people in all walks of life to begin their yoga journey and find fullness in their lives. She’s also actively supporting organizations that are geared towards the preservation of our forests.

She lives in the New York with her boyfriend. They love to travel and to explore. Their next destination is New Zealand!

PS: if she could have one superpower, it would be to teleport anywhere in the world.

Where has she been featured?

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How can I get in contact with her?


[email protected]