Who is he and what is his experience?

Owen’s our resident handyman, fixer and honey-do expert.

Whether it’s for work on your house, your yard, or even your cars… he’s got you covered.

Raised by a father who built his home from scratch, Owen had a childhood of learning everything home-building and repair related. From woodworking, masonry, plumbing, and even electrical… he has done it all.

Now a bachelor, he lives in his very own man cave (many of the pieces he of course built himself). As for his ride, he drives an old VW bug, that he rebuilt and restored (basically piece by piece).

He lives in Maine with his golden retriever named Edison. On the weekends, you can find the two together… either learning new tricks or spending time working in the garden.

Where has he been featured?

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How can I get in contact with her?


[email protected]