Be a Part of Our Explosive Growth

Are you a video-editing wizard?

We’re looking to add a new video editor to our quickly-growing video production team! You can see the type of video that we produce on our YouTube channels.

Note that we produce videos that:

  • Use stock photos/videos, styled and animated to add emphasis to our written script
  • A lower third, written by our talented writing team + voice-overed by our professional VO team.
  • Custom, basic animations (specifically, you can see these for the titles and in place of videos/images

Interested in working with us, and contributing to some of the fastest growing channels on YouTube (helping hundreds of thousands of men every month)?

In the contact form below, please send me:

  1. An example of your work (similar to the YouTube video linked above).
  2. An estimated cost to reproduce such a video.
  3. No resumes.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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