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What is The Golden?

the golden - what is the golden

The Golden is here to provide modern people with the inspiration they need to have the best experience possible nesting. What’s nesting, you ask? We like to think of it as feeling really good with the home environment you have built for yourself, at any stage in life, in any type of environment.

Maybe you’re in your starter home. Maybe you’ve changed cities and for the first time, you’re doing things on your own. Whether you need ideas for the kitchen, you’re looking to downsize, or you’re looking at ways for both you and your partner to build a life together and express both of yourselves through the decor in one home, we’ve got you covered.

Browse our kitchen tab for awesome ways to transform the most frequented area of any home. If you’re doing your kids’ bedrooms to better suit their interiors, check our interiors archive.

We know how important it is to bring a bit of nature into the home to oxygenate the air and revitalize the occupants, so we’ve got a special section to inform and review the wonderful world of house plants.

The home does not simply stop the threshold of your doors. The backyard, front yards, side yards, patios, and balconies all call out for your loving attention too. The more you put into them, the more drawn you’ll be to maximize your time spent enjoying them.

DIY, or “Do It Yourself Projects” were once considered a trend, but now it’s clearly a cultural staple, here to stay. The reason behind DIY goes much deeper than saving money, which, in crazy economic times, is a super bonus.

Whether you’re exploring the extent of your abilities as an independent individual, or you’re creating experiences with your significant other or your best friends, DIY tends to bring out the best in us and sometimes the worst, but ultimately for the best: in us so we become more self-aware of the things we need to work on to have healthier relationships with self and others.

And finally, if you’ve ever wondered how to create your perfect home independently, look no further. Some projects require professional contractors, but you’ll be shocked by how easy other projects are for regular folks. There’s tremendous satisfaction in knowing that you birthed a design concept into fruition, from scratch, with your own hands, in accordance with your unique vision.

Why did we create this new site?

the golden - Why did we create this new site_

BourestonMedia created this new site to help people live the best lives they can in the most personalized, creative ways they can. We build bridges between product innovations and the omnipresent journey toward greater self-awareness, and freedom of expression in a constantly changing world.

People the world over are looking for ways they can better express who they are. People long to feel truly at home in their living spaces as work-life balance becomes an increasingly important value. People are asking themselves hard questions, like, “Does each aspect of my life reflect my personal truth? Does every object in my home reflect the same?”

The Golden aims to provide consumers with encouragement, inspiration, practical advice, and straight-up facts for when they are creating the home of their dreams. We outline and review every home and lifestyle product knowing that in a market with infinite options and price points, we’ve got to have ways to cut to the truth.

A breakdown of decor materials is integral to any renter or home owner’s life education. With environmentally sound actions increasingly at the forefront of our awareness as climate change becomes increasingly apparent, you’ll want to know what companies are making products out of the most sustainable materials in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Ultimately, you’ll want to know how to put together all the products you gather and all the pieces you create in a way that makes sense energetically and personally. Y0u’ll want all the key tips to maximize space when you live downtown in a metropolis.

Is there any crossover between our sites?

the golden - Is there any crossover between our sites_

As with most things, absolutely! Here at BourestonMedia, we began with Mantelligence, a site that was intended to help young men be the best people they can be in the modern world, in relationships, careers, family, and all other areas of life. It soon became clear that our site traffic spanned far beyond our target demographic. People of all walks of life are asking a lot of the same questions about how to have better friendships, more rewarding relationships, do more to honor their environment and themselves, and be better connected in a constantly changing world!

We were writing about ideas for solid man cave decor ideas for the original site when we got to thinking, although every man enjoys his own personal space, aka man cave, he also ought to be enjoying every other area of the home as well. With increasing exclusivity being on the minds of modern collective culture, we thought, why not build a site for everyone to get ideas and inspiration for the places they spend the most time? Look at our list of man cave decor ideas here.

Since starting out, we’ve also built sites called The Unbox, where everyone can go to get the lowdown on all the best subscription boxes available, and Gamertelligence, where gamers can find product reviews, how-to’s, and a sense of gamer-centric community. We’re upping our offerings with our newest creation, Galtelligence, the female-centric sister site, where women can get advice on gifts to give, warm, welcoming things to say to build bridges between people, enhancing the relationship she has with herself, and how to be the best gal she can be in all areas of life.

Beneath the umbrella of our original site, we’ve also got two Youtube Channels, MantelligenceDating and MantelligenceStyle to further empower guys everywhere to be the fullest expression of themselves. The old adage that says that “Men don’t ask for directions because it makes them look vulnerable.” is a thing of the past. The modern man is self-aware. He gains authentic confidence (not false, cocky bravado) when he feels he can turn to his community for advice and inspiration and when he sees accurate reflections of himself in the media.

Our favorite posts on the site

the golden - Our favorite posts on the site

If you’re looking for ways to feel at home in your sanctuary, we invite you to start off with some favorite original The Golden posts that have tried and true recommendations.

Our outer world reflects our inner world. De-cluttering is a known way to stay on track in other areas of life. Check out our findings on the best minimalist furniture for your abode in here.

At the other end of the spectrum, traditional furniture carries reminders and memories of past events and evolution of society and culture. See what styles have spanned across timelines in here.

More Awesome The Golden posts

The Golden doesn’t stop there. We cater to all tastes. We support the blending of families and the equal representation of both partners’ personal tastes within a relationship, which means every style is literally and figuratively on the table.

Check out some inspirational lists and how-to’s for transforming your place:

  1. Modernism is all about clean, crisp lines like a straight shot arrow to remind us of the direction we’re going. You’ll love our reviews of all the modern living room furniture you need for your aesthetic in this page.
  2. The family room has traditionally been a room more casual than the guest-receiving room in the front of the house, and your family room furniture choices can totally reflect everyone letting down their hair, relaxing into a really comfortable couch, and generally kicking back. Check it out here.
  3. When you’re enamored by the natural world, and dare to travel off the beaten path, a bohemian furniture concept might be just what calls you when it’s time to nest. Read all about it here.

In Conclusion

Nesting, making a home truly a home, is a grand rite of passage that everyone takes, often multiple times as we navigate our lives and evolve in our understanding of what is important to us.

We feel best when we have created a home that reflects us. An abode that defines our personal evolution. These are the universal goals that we at The Golden wish to inspire.