This information is for and all Boureston Media web properties (“Boureston Media Websites”). A full list of Boureston Media sites can be found here (under the header ‘Websites’).

All Boureston Media Websites were founded to help you be the better at… whatever you want to be better at. A better man. A better gal. A better gamer. Etc.

This is our mission and we’re passionate about it so know that we won’t be pushing junk just to make a couple of bucks. Because if it’s junk… you, the visitor will stop visiting. And if you stop visiting, what’s the point?

With that, we want to be extremely clear on how sponsored posts work on Boureston Media Websites:

Let’s use our site Mantelligence as an example here.

A company reaches out to us looking to promote their brand or product. If we feel that they’re a good fit for Mantelligence, we create an article that’s related to their brand/product (for example, if the company designs suits, we might do the post, ‘How a Suit Should Fit’.)

Now to be clear, we write the article, not the sponsor. If we choose to write about one of the sponsor’s products, that product was chosen by Mantelligence, not the sponsor.

In return for financially supporting the creation of the article, the sponsor gets a permanent advertisement after the post’s intro and at other various places throughout the post.

Our opinions are not, and will never be for sale.