Who is she and what is her experience?

Robin is our female dating expert, style guru, and resident life coach.

She is currently engaged, but has had her fair share of dating mishaps and adventures. From navigating the dating scene through apps, to bad high school/college relationships… she has seen it all.

After successfully playing matchmaker for a few friends, and helping a few others navigate their relationship woes… she realized she had a knack for dating advice. She has been writing dating and relationship advice for Boureston Media for over 5 years now. She is also the head writer for our GaltelligenceDating YouTube channel.

She never steps out of her house without being dolled up, because she believes that a girl cannot be too ready. She loves any and all makeup and beauty products (she has tried most of them too!)

Robin believes in living life to the fullest. She focuses on being present and happy every day. On weekends, you’ll find her with her fiancee cooking something new or trying a new restaurant.

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