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Mantelligence – An awesome website for men.

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What is Mantelligence?

Mantelligence - What is Mantelligence

It’s not easy to be a dude these days, but Mantelligence is designed to make it a little easier. The age of swaggering around in well-cut suits and fedoras may be behind us, but it’s still possible to be an awesome man, you may just need a little help doing it.

Mantelligence covers all the tough spots that come up in a guy’s life, from adolescence onward.

Struggling to figure out how to approach and talk to women? We’ve got you covered. Don’t know what to buy the folks for Christmas? We can guide you through it. Need a few good jokes to ease your way into a new job? We’ve got a list guaranteed to get some laughs.

In short, we’re in the advice business. We’re here to make sure you never have a question about being a man without an answer.

Life’s tough enough as a guy without having to try to fake your way to manliness alone. You can be that debonair dude you always wanted to be, and we’ll help you get there.

Whether you want to learn about the best beer on the market or you’re looking to overhaul your wardrobe, we’re here to show you how to handle those issues with suavity, cleverness, and coolness. In other words, we’re here to show you how to not just be a man but to be mantelligent.

Why did we create this new site?

Mantelligence - Why did we create this new site_

Simply put, there’s a lot of bad advice out there on the web. Lots of websites aren’t interested in giving you good advice, they’re just interested in getting your attention.

Most of the sites out there for guys don’t really do much in the way to actually help those guys be the coolest, best dudes they can be. And when you’re trying to do more than just blunder through life as a man but to actually do a good job of it, it’s critical you get some good advice along the way.

That’s what we created this site for. We want to be a place you know you can go to learn how to be as cool, comfortable, and in control as you need to be in every situation.

It’s really easy to do a bad job at being a man in today’s world. You’ll see plenty of examples of guys behaving badly or not knowing how to behave at all in your day-to-day life, as well as online. It’s easy to screw up the first kiss or to miss out on the opportunity to be manly in your own way.

There’s a big gap between what we learn in school to be intelligent and what we aren’t told in life to make us Mantelligent.

We fill in that gap for you.

You can be that suave, cool, decent, clever guy that gets the girl and looks good doing it. You can be the guy who always knows the right thing to order at the bar or the right gift to give on the anniversary. You just need someone to show you the way.

And that’s what we do here.

Is there any crossover between our sites?

Mantelligence - Is there any crossover between our sites_

The Mantelligence ethos runs through all of our sites. We’re here to be your guides whether you’re a dude in his 20s looking for dating advice, a fella looking for some help on which subscription box to check out, a guy trying to figure out which game to play next, or a new family man trying to fill your house with some decent furniture.

At The Unbox, we specialize in finding the best monthly subscription boxes for guys. Check out this awesome list of boxes for men right here. These can be for just about anything (since you can get a subscription box for just about anything these days). We’ve got all the info you need to choose the best wine of the month club, or the best clothing box, or the best beard product box.

Whatever you want sent to your house every month, we can tell you the best options out there.

But let’s say you don’t care for subscription boxes (or you’ve got all the subscriptions you want, thank you very much). Your big passion is gaming, either getting into gaming for the first time or taking your gaming to the next level.

That’s where Gamertelligence comes in. Just as Mantelligence helps you be your best dude, Gamertelligence helps you game the way you want to game. That means helping you figure out which games you want to play. It means getting you the strategies, the walkthroughs, and the cheats you need to beat even the toughest boss fights.

It also means making sure when you’re shopping for gaming accessories for ever gamer, you’re getting the top quality, best items out there. Check out this post here for the complete list of gaming accessories.

Our newest site, the Golden, takes our advice in a new direction: home design. We all want to have a home that people are blown away by when they walk in. Whether we’re living in a one-bedroom apartment in the city or a sprawling mansion out in the country, we want our homes to have that mind-blowing style and comfort.

But where to start when you want to, say, get the man cave decor ideas right in your new place? You start here in this post, of course, where we’ll outline the best options on the market, so you can choose the style you like, with quality that shows and prices you can afford.

With our sites, you don’t have to muddle your way in ignorance through any part of your life. Boxes, games, homes, or just being a dude: we’ve got you covered.

Our favorite posts on the site

Mantelligence - Our favorite posts on the site

Because Mantelligence tries to give you advice on everything, there’s a lot of posts to choose from here, but we’ve done the hard work and come up with a few favorites.

Let’s start with the question that every guy has at some point in his life: how to get a girlfriend. If you’re going to build on advice for every part of being a man, you’ve got to start there, right? Once you’ve mastered that skill, the rest of manhood gets a bit easier. Read all about how to get the girl here.

Girlfriend or not, every guy needs something he can do to just relax and take it easy in his downtime. Interested in woodworking? No? What about baking? Or coding? Or becoming a tattoo artist?

It’s ideas like that that make our list of hobbies so wonderful. If you’ve made it through youth without a hobby, we’ve got a lot of great ones you can choose from in this post.

And when you aren’t out hobbying around—when you’re stuck on the screen at work or at the end of the day—you could probably use our 10 best websites for men. As we said above, there seem to be increasingly few great websites men can go to and know they’ll find quality content every day. We’ve found 10 for you here.

Finally, when you’re in the market for some great, manly stuff, we can direct you right where you need to go with our cool stuff for all men. We did the homework and found the best sites with the best stuff a guy could want. All you’ve got to do is click, shop, and wait for the order the mail.

More Awesome Mantelligence posts

Now you’ve got a taste for it, you want more, right? We understand. And we agree. You can never get enough Mantelligence. And not to worry, there’s always more Mantelligence to go around.

  1. Like, beards, for instance. Got one? Want one? Looking to upgrade that scruff into a marvelous, flowing, majestical set of face locks? Then let’s talk about The Beard Club here and what it can do for you.
  2. Or, pick up a question for every situation by learning about the list of questions to ask in every moment from standing at the water cooler to picking up the girl on the first date. You’ll never have to live through another awkward silence again. Check it out here.
  3. And speaking of dates, if you don’t want to do the same old stuff every other man does at date, we’ve got stellar date ideas that will really make you stand out. If she’s looking for a true romantic and a true original guy, you’ll prove you’re the one she’s been waiting for. We have the list here.

In Conclusion

“Manly” has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people these days. We’re in an era where men are kind of expected to be a bit of that classic machismo while at the same time being more polite, more thoughtful, and more respectful.

It’s a tough job and Mantelligence is one of the only sites that offers a way to guide you to the kind of manly you want to be.

If you’re looking to come off as charming, thoughtful, well-dressed, and with great taste, no one is going to teach you how to pull it off better than Mantelligence. We’ve got the advice that spans the ages and makes a man worthy of admiration and attraction.

So, for those guys who want to combine a little classic style with a little modern snazziness, Mantelligence is your undisputed best source for manly wisdom.

Whatever the issue, whatever the question, we’ve put some Mantelligent thought into giving you the best answer. All you’ve got to do is ask, click, and enjoy.