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Gamertelligence – The perfect website for all gamers.

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What is Gamertelligence?

gamertelligence - what is gamertelligence

Gamertelligence is the perfect place if you’re looking for ways to progress, excel, deepen your experience of, or just beat the heck out of your favorite video game. We’re a bunch of diehard gamers slash content creators. We’re committed to analyzing, archiving, and delivering all the hottest tips you need to amplify your abilities and reinvent yourself in alternative universes.

Whether you want to know what’s new in the worlds of gaming, or you’re shopping for relevant gifts for gamer buddies, we’re here to celebrate a lifestyle that’s here to stay.

Gamertelligence divided the info and updates for each of the main gaming platforms. Take a look under separate tabs marked Xbox, Playstation (PS), PC, Mobile, and Nintendo to have your mind blown. Maybe you want a synopsis and/or an honest review about the virtual reality that everyone’s talking about, but you want clarity where you’re skeptical.

Maybe you want to know how two virtual worlds compare. Maybe in all your years of joysticking and smashing buttons, you know what you like and you want to know if a particular game will be up to your high standards. With sample graphics and a friendly voice to walk you through, you’re sure to find a trustworthy third-party opinion.

Why did we create this new site?

gamertelligence - Why did we create this new site

The gaming community is one of the fastest-growing expressions of human ingenuity. Whole communities are forming as enthusiasts gather and strategize together and learn to work together to accomplish goals set forth through games to protect what is ours.

Whether we are young or old, a lot of us have real legitimate criticisms about the education systems we come from, how we’re being lectured to about outdated information and not learning real-world skills like productivity, optimizing, strategizing, and conflict resolution. All of these qualities are required by team members in a high-level gaming atmosphere. We believe that gaming is the future of real-world education.

Everyone needs to get through some grunt-work and times in life where we’re not living in balance. Gaming provides outlet, inspiration, and motivation when our physical world is not stimulating us or meeting some of our needs as human beings. Game makers create whole universes to take us out of our current one, because frankly, life can be stressful and the need for stress relief and a chance to zone out into something more empowering is very real. Video games can be healthy outlets for frustration and anger. We shoot virtual enemies to let off steam so we don’t take it out on the people we do care about.

For better and for worse, these gaming universes are reflections of our own universe, with infinite upgrades. Choose your character or your avatar and you can access superhuman powers that you know are there, but can feel elusive when the going gets tough in real life. Gaming has been linked to increases in self-confidence across the world. We need to experience our first win to make all future wins in virtual and non-virtual reality a habit and an expectation.

Is there any crossover between our sites?

gamertelligence - Is there any crossover between our sites

Absolutely! We at Boureston Media are a lifestyle company dedicated to creating multiple sources of inspiration for every facet of the modern person. We are avid observers and analyzers of SEO. Google search analytics are the most significant reflections of what’s really going through people’s minds when they feel safe to inquire about how to best interact with the world around them.

We figure out what people are googling, and we bring the internet exactly that information through tangible, easy to swallow small bites that absorb naturally throughout a modern person’s busy day. Whether you’ve got questions about relationships, what to say to fortify your relationships, or how to be the best leader you can be, we’re listening.

We began with Mantelligence, a site dedicated to helping young men be their best selves in a rapidly changing world. In the beginning of our journey, we saw that there just wasn’t much out there to be a supportive guiding light for this particular demographic. It was no wonder that young guys had so many questions that they were afraid to ask out loud! While it’s no doubt that guys have had a lot of openly recognized privileges, expressing vulnerability and admitting that they’re just not sure sometimes has not been one of them. We need some guidance on what to do or say or be to create the kind of connection and intimacy and authenticity in our lives that will be of service to us all.

We’re proud to say that Mantelligence experienced exponential growth over short time, but not exactly in the way we expected. We realized that we had something special going on, and there was a more diverse need for our content. So we started some brother and sister sites like Galtelligence, The Golden, and The Unbox to celebrate all of our audiences and some business trends in the American economy that we’re really excited about.

Everyone loves getting something cool in the mail. We love the anticipation when we unwrap the packaging. A lot of us love to be surprised, which is where The Unbox comes in. It’s our site dedicated to subscription box services. We give you a high-level company and content overview with commentary and review, like here at our Humble Bunble monthly review. We compare price points and help our audiences figure out whether they’re the kind of person who would love to receive one particular kind of subscription box in the mail.

We realized that a lot of our primary audience members are also gamers, so finally, we brought you Gamertelligence to provide specific inspiration, recommendations, comparisons, and reviews of games and the myriad of accessories for gamers on the market for those in the gamer community. Check out all the cool gaming accessories in this post.

Our favorite posts on the site

gamertelligence - Our favorite posts on the site

Maybe you’re looking for a new game to broaden your horizons and more closely fit the visions you have of an alternate universe that you can command, control, or move weightlessly through. Maybe you’ve got some concerns for Earth’s future and you’re looking for ways to mentally and intellectually prepare yourself for situations that may be fictional now, but might be anything but fictional in the future.

Take Plague Inc, for example. It’s one part prophesy and two parts stress-relief in the form of taking down everyone around you, the reason being they’ve been affected by a lethal disease, where putting them out of their misery will be the salvation for mankind. To kill off the plague in the form of human lives is to be a hero and that’s the burst of confidence and satisfaction we all need sometimes. We show you how to beat this game into the ground. We offer you tips and strategies to unpuzzle the dilemma of keeping the uninfected safe from a deadly threat to the planet.

Everwing is a cool and cute Facebook Messenger game that has been described as “fun, fantastical, and extremely addicting.” If you’re into fairies, swords, and dragons, you’ve come to the right place. It’s gamer-lite and it will be a pleasant source of entertainment on your daily commute or during office breaks. Do you want to know how to progress quickly? Do you want to know all the secrets of this hidden, mystical world? Look no further than Gamertelligence.

Fallout 4 has been described as a role-playing game (RPG) that is “massive, immersive, and terrifying.” It touches down in a world that has been completely ravaged by nuclear war, which has been a very real fear on of the minds of those who have promised to defend their kind and their freedom in all possible scenarios. The game is built on emotions that are very real to humanity. It touches on our drive to survive at all costs. Fallout is complex. It brings up the instinct of sacrifice again and again. How do you create an avatar that is skilled enough, fast enough, and sometimes downright fortunate enough to survive an irradiated landscape? Timing and precision are everything. This game is sure to bring out the best in you.

More Awesome gamertelligence posts

We’re not done yet. We’ll be bringing you synopses on all the games you need to be experiencing on every platform.

Here are some write-ups on some of our favorite games that you need to visit:

  1. Agriculture and economy are real-life issues, and we provide you with a cheat sheet and some hack suggestions that will maximize what you get out of Eggs Inc. Read all about it here.
  2. Lots of anticipation surrounded the third addition to a series: Devil May Cry 3. We’ll let you know whether or not it’s worth it. Take a look¬†here.
  3. Here in Torchlight 2, you’ve got a plot building on versions 1 and 2, and you’ve got to role-play to weave your way through three separate acts in the alchemical plot. Check it out here.

In Conclusion

At Gamertelligence, we’re here to optimize your experience in all facets of virtual reality, on all the main gaming platforms. We’re up on trends so you’re always in the know about the latest gaming accessories to streamline the satisfaction and enjoyment you get out of alternate universes.

Gamertelligence is loaded up with the tips, tricks, secrets, strategies, reviews, and recommendations you need to make informed choices.

Just like you, we’re here to celebrate the gaming community.